"VIKOM" Company

Dear Sirs,

        "VIKOM" Company was established in 1995. Nowadays we became one of the leading automotive spare parts seller at the local market.

       We closely cooperate with some of the most important European producers and offer high-quality products at rather low prices. Our clients in many regions of Russia could appraise it at its true worth.

       At the present moment we have concluded the contracts on direct deliveries with the spare parts manufacturers in Germany, Denmark, Spain and Italy. A list of our suppliers is constantly increasing.

       All the factories we work with are ISO 9001-9002 certified. The products of every factory has passed the tests in NAMI and has received the Russian Certificate of Conformity.

       If you are interested in our company and goods we offer, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always at your service, ready to answer all your questions and support you with all the information you need.

       With hope for mutual cooperation,
       Faithfully yours,

       Mikhail Kosarev,
       Viktor Kiselev.
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